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How to create google classroom account for your students

As a teacher, everyone is familiar with our own traditional method teaching of chalk and talk in front of the blackboard. But now, we are living in the digital era. This generation of students is more immersed in digital usage for everything.

           They are searching and getting all the materials from Google and youtube. From there, they are getting very excellent materials in the form of notes and videos. You will make them understand everything very easily by using visual presentations.  

           Now we are not living in the digital era. We are living in the online digital era. If you want to download any video of 400MB, now you can download within 2 to 3 minutes. But this was not possible for 10 years back. At that time, you need to wait for about 3 to 4 hrs.

         Digital technological app development plays a very important role in current time also and the forthcoming future also. Why is it plays an important role? Web internet technology is transformed into t…
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School Science Project: Extracting Mineral from Soil (Metal)

Purpose of the experiment:

            The aim of the experiment is to extract out the minerals from the soil, then you can use them for further studies. From these experimental results, you can be displayed as the outcome to the national or international science fair about the geological scientific survey about the minerals in your locality.
          How mineral(metal) extracted from the soil? Do you know the process? How can school students do this experiment? How mineral sediments form in nature? Our earth contains enormous resources of minerals. If you see in the periodic table, there are so many metals in number as compare with non-metals. There are some metalloids also.

       These category elements pose both metallic and non-metallic characteristics. On the earth's surface, contains so much of metalloids. It is nothing but silicon. We find anywhere in the world more quantity of silica (SiO₂). Nowadays we are using them in different industrial applications.
This varies fr…

Basic Science Information: What is protonated acid?

Why does the molecule need to behave as an acid or base characteristic? In a molecule or compound, we always try to classify them like acid, base, and neutral species.  Acid is releasing protons into the aqueous environment. That is the reason, this category of compounds generally called acid. But, if there is no proton in the molecule or compound to release, then how that becomes acid. In nature, all the molecules or compound are not having itself proton to lose to the aqueous environment. Because the living thing made by organic molecules in major proportion. It would not lose its proton to the aqueous environment.

        When you come to the mineral acid category such as HCl, H₂SO₄, etc. It loses its proton into the aqueous environment. For example, the HCl molecule loses its proton in the water environment and forms a positive hydrogen ion. But now, proton contains only one nucleus without electron. Hydrogen is the only molecule in the periodic table which…

High-end Research: How to Synthesis Nanodiamond

New Methods for Nanodiamond Synthesis:
            Nanodiamonds are one of the several classes of nanocarbon allotrope that have excellent potential for the different varieties of material applications in the field of metallurgy, electronics, spectroscopic imaging application due to its color centers and healthcare application from cosmetics to medicine. Depends on the properties of nanodiamond, it is used in diverse applications ranging from quantum computing, biological imaging with drug delivery applications and electronic devices, to composite materials for multiple applications. Nanodiamond has been found in meteorites, protoplanetary nebulae, and interstellar dust, in deeper space in a natural way. But we can't use it.

                           In the laboratory, nanodiamond is manufactured in residues of detonation of the bulk diamond by using explosives in the bombshell method. In recent years, a few preparation methods for the production of nanocrystalline diamond films…

5 Tips for Successful School Science Fair Project [Science Method]

1. Plan the Experiment for Scientific Project:
                     If you read more books and reflect on scientific methods or scientific projects, then you will get an idea. you should start for simple experiments first and slowly move towards some more advanced science fair project. If you are planning for any science fair project, you should not stick with one problem. Every experiment gives some learning experience to you. No experiment fails in nature! It tries to teach you that your method is not correct. If your experimental plan is not working, then you change your experimental plan in another way. I am not telling you to change the entire experiment. I am here to pointing you to change another parameter in the same process. Keep on changing the goal post! Don't leave any chance.

2. Change one Parameter as a Science Method:

                    If you do any experiments in a practical situation, you will get multiple variables. we always try to do experiments just by approxi…

School Science Project: How to do Cloud Formation (Kids + Home)

Cloud formation:
                        Generally kids use to ask this question to the parents, elders, and teachers. How clouds are forming in nature? Have you ever asked this question to yourself? If you search on the internet, you will get a lot of information regarding cloud formation. The best answer you will get from the internet is the combination of dust and water vapor. So, How the combination of dust and water vapor gives the cloud? Is it possible to do this experiment in our home? yes, we can, by using the simple things available in our home. Before moving further, we discuss little more questions and answers sessions about the atmosphere and the cloud. 1. What is the atmosphere?                The atmosphere is nothing but the encapsulation or wrapping of air and difference size of micro dust particles. There are different segments in the atmosphere, which creates the atmospheric structure. These atmospheric structures are classified as follows., Troposphere Stratosphere Mesos…